Reasons to shop from us

Welcome! You have reached birdStuff's webstore which had its official launch on December 11, 2008. We have over 2500 of the best bird care items anywhere at your disposal.

Every month we add new items, so be sure to check back often.

You can access our primary site, which includes information about our Orange, California store and boarding facility, at or by calling 714-639-6039.

Why shop at birdStuffonline? Honestly, it's pretty simple. Our goal is to provide you with an amazing selection of products for your birds, at a fair price, delivered with impeccable service, just like in our award-winning store!

We have worked very hard to bring you an enormous selection of products at fair and in some cases, unbelievable, prices! Most items are priced significantly less than in our retail store to help cover your shipping and in consideration of the fact that you are "serving yourself".

This does not mean that personal customer service is not available to you; it is always just a phonecall or an email away.We want to make sure that the items you select are the appropriate size and materials for your bird, and that your bird LOVES what you choose. That's a little trickier for you if you haven't seen the toy, or used the product, but we have, so let us help.

Since our products are not housed with birds, you don't have to worry about disinfecting items you buy here, and you should be able to find everything you could possibly need to keep a flock healthy and happy (and if you can't, let us know-we probably should add it!). So once you are familiar with our site, you'll be able to do all your shopping in the blink of an eye. And while you might find an individual item cheaper, if you compare across the board you will see that there is no other single site that offers you such a good overall value. We are checking prices constantly so you don't have to.

A WORD ABOUT SIZES: We have found among online shoppers (including ourselves!) that there can be a lot of confusion and frustration trying to find the right sizes of toys for your bird. We are re-working the website to simplify the toys into just three size categories: finch/canary, small/medium, and large/extra large. Small/Medium includes budgies and cockatiels of course, but you will also want to check the finch/canary section if your bird is shy or new to toys. Also included in Small/Medium are all the poicephalous (senegals, meyers, etc.), pionus, and some small cockatoos. Small conures such as green-cheeks and those not too hard on toys will need to look here, as well as many greys and some Amazons. If your grey or Amazon is a terror on toys, you will spend most of your time looking in the Large/Extra Large section. Most macaws and large cockatoos (except those "dainty" Umbrellas) will find a home here as well. And if your bird is the exception to every rule, you know who you are! Please take note of the dimensions of the toy before ordering to make sure you are picturing it in your mind the right size. And if you have ANY questions if it is appropriate, give us a call.

We welcome any and all feedback regarding suggestions to make your shopping experience easier and appreciate you taking the time to do so. Thanks and happy shopping!